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I am a contractor and can’t get training to load from eLMS

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2016 11:08AM EDT
FAA contractors can take FAA-sponsored online training or attend FAA-sponsored instructor-led training only when such training is approved in writing by the FAA Contracting Officer (CO). The FAA CO is the only person with authority to approve FAA training for a contractor, therefore a FAA contracting officer representative (COR) is not authorized to approve FAA contractor training requests. The FAA CO approval of a training request for FAA-sponsored instructor-led training is dependent upon space availability. In the event a class is full, a FAA employee's registration could lead to a contractor losing his/her space in the class.

Once approval is granted, an eLMS admin must assign the training.  The Help Desk does not assign training to contractors.

Please see the Contractor Training Approval Process SOP for all the steps in this process.

The Skillsoft catalogs have not been assigned to contractors.  No eLMS admin should assign Skillsoft courses to contractors.


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