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Supervisor - My employee has two User IDs. How do I get this fixed?

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 02:18PM EDT
A user may have more than one user account either because someone forgot to delete an old temporary account or some other reason:
  • To correct this problem, first, verify with the user which is the correct User ID
  • Second, contact your PL1 to let him/her know about the situation and provide the correct User ID.  The most current list of PL1s is available at the following URL:
https://ksn2.faa.gov/faa/learn/elmsresourcecenter/Documents/eLMS Primary and Backup Level 1 Administrators.pdf
The PL1 will contact the eLMS and Blackboard help desk at elmssupport@faa.gov to get the duplicate resolved.

NOTE: If a user's ID has an additional 1 added to the end, generally this means there is a problem related to data entry in FPPS. Contact the eLMS Super Admin with the entire correct Social Security Number. He/she will work to have the account corrected.


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